Structural Damage

Are you worried about your home’s foundation wearing down? Unfortunately, a sinking or settling foundation is one of the biggest problem’s homeowners can experience — and it’s one that you DEFINITELY don’t want to ignore. Just check out what Peak Structural Inc. has to say about it… “One of the biggest dangers of neglecting a … Continued

Should you Accept Cash Offer?

Did someone make you a cash offer on your home? Did it seem too low? Or maybe it seemed too good to be true? Whatever the case, when professional homebuyers make offers, they don’t always disclose WHY their offer is what it is… or even if it’s actually “fair” or not. And you’re not a … Continued

Relocation Regrets

Did you relocate to Philly, but you didn’t really know the area? This is often the case. A person has to move for a job change or transfer, to be closer to family, retirement, or many other reasons. Their house sells quickly, and now the clock is ticking – time is not on their side. … Continued

Kitchen Renovations

Want to update your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Join the club. Home renovations can be pretty expensive… and so we don’t want to mess anything up or spend our money on the wrong thing. At Guardian Property Solutions, we’ve been working in real estate in the Philly Suburbs for quite some time … Continued

Our 4 Step Downsizing Plan for Philly Homeowners

Do you have a downsizing plan for your house in Philly? Lifestyles change and along with them, the requirements you have for a home change as well. In addition to finding your new smaller home and the hassles of listing and selling your current larger home, the task of downsizing can seem overwhelming. Going through … Continued

Installing a Pool

Thinking of adding an above-ground pool to your home? 🏊 That’s great! Having a pool at home can be an awesome source of fun and a great way to make memories. But is it worth it? Is the cost and work of putting in an above-ground pool worth the payoff? For starters, HomeAdvisor’s estimates that … Continued

How Accurate is the “Zestimate” on your Home?

How accurate is the “Zestimate” on your home? To find out the value of their home, most people go to Zillow, type in their address, and check their Zestimate. But is that number accurate? In most cases, according to Zillow, the Zestimate will fall within 10% of the real value of the home (a home … Continued

5 Ways to Sell Your Philly House in a Flooded Market

Selling your house in a flooded market can feel challenging. When an abundance of properties are listed, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. Everyone is trying to sell right now and cash in on the gains made in equity due to rising home prices and low-interest rates on their next home. … Continued

Hosting an Open House

Trying to sell your house? Well, regardless of whether the plan is to sell through a real estate agent or as a for-sale-by-owner, open houses are one of the best ways to generate buzz and find potential buyers. But of course, not all open house experiences are equal. At Guardian Property Solutions, we’ve been buying … Continued

Hiring a Contractor

Planning to hire a contractor to help repair or update your home? It’s unfortunate, but at Guardian Property Solutions, we’ve seen a lot of homeowners hire bad contractors 🙁 Sometimes they quit the job half-way through, do a shoddy job, or charge you more than promised. That’s why we HIGHLY recommend vetting the contractor you … Continued

5 Signs of A Great Deal When Buying Philly Real Estate

As an investor, you are always looking for a great deal, but how can you tell? Here are 5 signs of a great deal when buying Philly real estate. 5 Signs of A Great Deal When Buying Philly Real Estate No Zoning Issues or Liens It is important that you research a potential investment for … Continued

Behind on Property Taxes

Are you behind on your property taxes? It happens to more people than you think, and often through no fault of their own.  An unexpected financial crisis, job loss, divorce, or serious medical issues are some of the most common reasons we’ve seen. As soon as a homeowner falls behind on property taxes, the local … Continued

Behind on Mortgage Payments

What should a homeowner do if they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage payments? Unfortunately, most homeowners who’ve fallen behind get overwhelmed and simply ignore the phone calls, emails, and bill statements… hoping that the problem will go away. But it won’t. In fact, the worst thing a homeowner can do is ignore the problem. But … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Foreclosures in Philly

An interesting way to invest in real estate is by buying foreclosures in Philly. You see it on reality TV shows where investors can pick them up at a low cost, invest some money in repairs and upgrades, then turn around and sell them for a large profit. There are five things you should know … Continued