Adding House Plants to your Home

Want to add some plants to your house?

Doing so can make your home feel cozier and brighter, making it a GREAT idea!

But of course, some plants are much more difficult to take care of than others…

…especially if you’re new to the business of keeping plants alive.

So, we thought we’d stop by and help out with a few plants that are practically impossible to kill — these will bring some nature into your home… even if you forget to water them sometimes 😉

Here they are!

Paddle Plant — a succulent that favors bright light and doesn’t mind going without water for a while.

Lady Palm — a palm that only needs indirect sunlight.

String of Pearls — needs bright, indirect sunlight and water once a week.

Albuca Frizzle Sizzle — easy to care for and smells great.

Peperomia — a colorful plant that grows great indoors and needs minimal water.

Pothos — a trailing vine that can withstand the whims of just about any caretaker.

Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen — have a habit of overwatering your plants? This one can take it.

Jade Plant — since this plant retains water in its round leaves, it can live without attention for more than a month sometimes.

Asparagus Fern — a fluffy plant that tolerates far more abuse than most ferns.

Chinese Money Plant — grows best in the shade (does not produce money, unfortunately).

There you go! Now you can add some easy-to-keep-alive plants to your indoor decorations. Hope this helps! And if you or someone you know wants to sell a house as-is for cash, give us a call at (610) 569-9042 — we can make a fair cash offer within 48 hours and close in as little as two weeks.

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