Finding a Job in Another State

Trying to find a job in another state?

Lots of people move locations for work — sometimes, though, they change jobs to be able to move somewhere else where they want to live.

Either way…

We thought we’d drop by and offer some advice for finding a job in another state if you’re looking to move outside of Greater Philly.

Here are some tips!

Check With Your Employer — If you like the company you’re working for, then maybe check to see if there’s an office where you’re moving… and if there are any openings. This would make the process a whole lot easier!

Update Your Resume — Time to update that resume! Make sure to re-read and update the bio, past work, references, and cover letter. There are tons of tips on Google for updating a resume to make it more eye-catching for future employers.

Use Online Search Engines — We’re in the middle of the Great Resignation. And so it’s easier to find jobs than ever before. Use Google and other search engines to look for opportunities in the city that’s up for consideration for a potential move. There are most likely a lot of openings!

Tell Your Network — Make sure to tell everyone you know what the plan is!  Opportunity often comes from unexpected places… so tell friends and family… and definitely tell anyone you know who currently lives in the area being considered.

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