Want a Wood Stove?

Want to add a wood stove to your house?

Who could blame you!

Nothing is cozier than keeping a fire burning inside a home.


It’s not all dry wood and cozy cuddles.

Here are a few things to consider BEFORE putting a wood stove in your home…

Wood Supply — To use a wood stove to heat a home, a constant supply of dry wood is a necessity. Where will that come from and what is the cost? It’s good to do a bit of research before adding a wood stove to your home.

Wood Storage — Additionally, where will all of that wood be stored? Is there somewhere to store the wood that will keep it dry? It might be able to be stored outside as long as it’s covered with a tarp to keep it dry during the winter.

Costs — The cost to buy a wood stove is usually upwards of $3,000. And that doesn’t cover the cost of installation. So, it’s important to make sure you can afford a wood stove that meets your standards, budget, and needs.

Risks — A wood stove is a very safe method for heating a home, but there are some risks involved to be aware of, such as carbon monoxide buildup from poor ventilation, creosote buildup, and chimney fires. Talk to an expert about all concerns.

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